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September 10 2014


As we well know, aging can lead to volume and collagen loss in the face. By using synthetic collagen/fillers one can actually add volume to areas of the face that have started to loose that fullness.

September 09 2014

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▶ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wage Gap - YouTube
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September 01 2014

August 28 2014

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christian wisdom about holes and stuff! 
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August 27 2014

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August 14 2014

Indian Eunuchs.
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July 28 2014




I am reading an essay called Male-Male Desire in Pharaonic Egypt (by Alex Clayden) which is actually pretty good


I just need to draw attention to this little gem of a pick-up line


Attention, followers: you now know how to write “nice ass” in hieroglyphics.

all i ever wanted out of life tbh

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July 27 2014

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everything about this is pure gold.

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July 05 2014

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July 02 2014



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July 01 2014

June 25 2014

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June 08 2014

June 07 2014

 Rainbow:"I've been humiliated and threatened & worse by many Christians of family and friends,  for not changing. That's now from being a homo, a lezzy, a dyke and all they called me.  But I could not change & still be myself, meaning,without being a ghastly hypocrite. 
Besides this, I refused to turn my back on Jesus. Yes, I accepted Jesus into my gay heart and He has been my comfort and survival and restoration through all the hurt. How can any homo make it through this life without the strength and love of God and Jesus day after day? Homo, Trans, Lezzie, Gay, Cais, Queens and Dukes could receive Jesus into their heart and He will not change your romantic or sexual orientation and He will not judge you, He will love you and protect you and help you find the right person of the same gender to love and to share your life with. He heals the pain in the soul and replaces it with comfort and security".
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May 19 2014

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May 17 2014

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