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July 08 2015

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Those who r not themselves will try 2 make u also not yourself .. really what's the point of being, if not yourself?
Why would God create each one different?
It causes extra stress to live an act and bottled up stress causes aggression like a steam-pot.
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July 06 2015

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Freedom's not just a chance to be better, but 1stly a chance to be yourself with acceptance, love & self respect, peace, dignity & enjoyment.

This is what love does, sets others free to be. Then makes them beautiful. This is what Jesus did with every healing of mind, heart & body.

The path to wisdom is paved with humility ~ Tim Fargo.

Pride is most hateful thing in world.
Not self-respect-pride, delusional superiority that demands all to serve & obey them > enslavement.

July 02 2015

This article explains a so-called article about '2 million homos mocking the crucifixion' as false propaganda after marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court in US America http://po.st/7Tn8Lf 

The crucifixion demonstration happened in Brazil i.o.w, not part of the US & not part of the Marriage Equality Ruling or celebrations in US.

Although there were thousands they were NOT 2 million, not even 1 million !!!

These gays were not mocking .. the word 'mock' was used in articles by traditional church people who do not accept lgtq, instead harshly reject them.

This is precisely why this parade demonstrated lgtq as being crucified & its not un-biblical ..Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ ...
A trans-woman performed the crucified person representing the crucifying of lgtq. Best place to start find salvation is to identify with Jesus. Gal 3:28 There cannot be Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is no male nor female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Rom 6:5 "If we've been joined together in the likeness of Jesus' death, we'll also be in the likeness of His resurrection..
Rom6:6 ..our withering being crucified with Him so the body of sin destroyed, from now we not serve sin. Who died has been justified from sin."

June 27 2015

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June 21 2015

3. The 3rd layer of people are the evidence that the people in the 2nd layer have relevance. The CAIS and hermaphrodite people, both have distinct biological evidence of being born with both gender characteristics in them.

Read the rest
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RIGA, Latvia — Up to 5,000 people on Saturday participated in a high-profile gay pride event in the capital of Latvia, a former Soviet country.

Participants in colorful outfits waved rainbow flags and standards from Spain, Britain, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, among others, as they marched and danced to loud music in central Riga.

The event is aimed at raising awareness of LGBT rights in eastern Europe , where there is marked intolerance of LGBT groups.
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I like the concept: "Equality Parade".
 Thousands of LGBT rights supporters march through Warsaw in annual ‘Equality Parade’!

A participant waves a rainbow flag in front of a controversial art installation “The Rainbow” during the annual gay pride parade in Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, June 13, 2015.

Recent proposals by left-wing lawmakers to debate regulations that would allow for same-sex marriage have been rejected in Parliament. Poland has no rights for same-sex couples, but the awareness of the need for them is growing.
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June 11 2015

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God is love.
Love is sacred.
Love needs great respect.
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June 03 2015

Caitlyn in her 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. A gift from Jenner’s ex-wife Kris.

The way she flows in that car, that personality -- only a woman can do that.

I'm so glad she did it - absolutely astonishing!
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May 31 2015

Sally Ride, The First US Woman And The First Lesbian To Have Been In Space.
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May 09 2015

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May 08 2015

  lesbian animated gif
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March 23 2015

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March 03 2015

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Mar 17

St. Patrick's Day

09:00 446 S. Fourth St. Louisville, KY 40202. USA Add this event to a calendar application

Tuesday, March 17th

March 17, 2015

We will be painting the town green with our all day drink specials $4 16 oz Bud Lite, $4 Guiness, $5 Irish Car Bombs and $5 Irish Breakfast Shots on Tuesday, March 17th!  For more information or to make your reservations, please call 502.568.9009 or email Beth at beths@makerslounge.com.

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January 28 2015

Rachael and Sam, photographed by Paige Nelson
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January 24 2015

"are there no gay cartographers"
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Okay so the Colbert Report posted a link to the Ellen Page interview, right


And I was already happy it was a fan favorite. But THE COMMENTS







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